Oscar The Grouch

3ft 7inch green, furry bundle of first class miserable sod.


Someone once said that every cloud has a silver lining. Well Oscar would have to disagree. Life is one episode of misery after another. Living in Kay’dar for all these years and seeing all there weird and wonder-less other races trying desperately to find something in this god forsaken world to smile about just pisses Oscar off. It’s hypocrisy is what it is. People moaning about the dreadful plagues and how scared the world beyond the wall is and yet their females keep spitting out new offspring so that they can just pass on this misery onto to their spawn. If they really want to remove misery from their lives and mine they should just stop reproducing and die out gracefully.


Lets make more people who can grow up to hide there constant misery behind a false smile.

Oscar doesn’t believe in that. If he feels miserable (which is pretty much all the time) then he makes damn sure everyone knows it.

And if you don’t like it then you can just fuck off.

That is all.


Oscar The Grouch

The Plagued Taarnish