Now mostly wreckage and chaos with only two major cities and a number of small towns and villages remaining. It has been nearly 30 years since the plague began. It started in a small town to the north It hit hard and spread fast, turning its victims into thoughtless bloodthirsty animals attacking anything in sight, no one knows where the plague came from but the spreading was clear, anyone who had sustained some sort of injury from direct contact with the ‘plagued ones’ quickly became the same. It became clear there was only one thing to do the remaining people decided they would rally, flee to the south and attempt to cut the plague off by building the ‘Great Wall’ splitting the land in two, sadly with little time left and so many taken by the plague only one quarter of the overall land was saved and only one fifth of its overall population and this was hugely thanks to the Golem and Grouch races who due to there racial features were naturally immune to the plague and fought hard to aid those who built the Great Wall. After years of blood, sweat and tears the Great Wall was finally complete keeping the plagued from those who were saved. The remaining people settled were they could and after years of anguish over loss went back to living their lives as normal. Much was lost when the people had to flee and whether it be for sentimental reasons or reasons of greed some folk want to return to the ‘Old Lands’. During the time of the plague the King and all the great leaders of the land were taken, forcing for new leaders to arise. A Council has been formed since containing one of each race who have rule over the land. Since then the wall has remained and no one has passed through its two tiny doors. Through their mastery of the Arcane the Kir’ta were able to create an antidote, enabling those effected by the plague to be cured if they were able to take the antidote within 3 hours of obtaining the plague, through further experimentation the Kir’ta discovered the antidote if taken by someone who didn’t have the plague would make them completely immune to it for up to 12 hours at a time. The people hope this may lead to the retaking of the Old Lands. After some time the Council decided they would send out a scouting party to tell them of what is left beyond the wall, sadly they never returned and after some time a second was sent, not long had passed when only half of the second scouting party returned and only then the true reality of what was out there was revealed.
The party told stories of people so mutated they have become massively enhanced beasts of all shapes and size, Retaking the Old Lands was going to be harder than anticipated. With nearly all the great heroes taken by the plague, severly wounded and/or too old to fight the Council have been looking for new great warriors to prove their worth so they can be sent to try and find a way of retaking the Old Lands. With the constant threats of the creatures in the wilds the Council have been sending heroes to fulfil great tasks to prove they may eventually have what it takes to return to the Old lands.

The Plagued

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